About Us


We aspire to be a leading service provider in the building industry, distinguished by the pursuit of excellence, quality while maintaining a good relationship with our clients and society.


Through passion, professionalism and integrity, we seek to create a new look of houses at an affordable price in Namibia and worldwide

Core values

Fast, Affordable, Quality

Our story

Arteu Trading cc is a 100% Namibian owned company, founded in 2017. We are a private company that specializes in conceiving modern, high solutions for architectural design, urban planning projects, construction and offer drafting courses.

From Arteu Trading cc headquarter in Windhoek, we service the whole country of Namibia with progressive architectural designs, construction and supervision. 

Our team is composed of Architectural Technologists, Architects and Engineers. We have positioned ourselves as the choice for those who value quality, creativity and distinction.

 The Arteu Trading cc’s design, construction and supervision procedure is based in rigorous research and experimentation. 

We work hand-in-hand with our clients on design strategy and involve them in all the processes of development. Unconventional typologies are imagined and tailored to the context of each project to create contemporary, high-standard architecture. The objective in each of our designs is to enrich spatial experiences and provide an ideal modern living environment.

Our Team

Managing Director

Eufemia Mushisheni
Email: eufemia@art-eu.com


Arthur Apelle N.
Email: arthur@art-eu.com

Interior Designer

Maria Vesnuska D.